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September 28, 2013
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After doing Bulk's ref, I started doing Kilo's immediately afterwards. But for some reason, while in the middle of it, the power went out for about one second, and I had to start the computer back up and start over from scratch. Choosing the pose for Kilo was not easy, I'll tell you that.

キロ (Kiro)
:bulletblue:Age 7:bulletblue:
Kilometa "Kilo" Prower is a bright young fox. He’s a good kid with plenty of spirit and energy inside of him.

He was originally born with two tails, like his great-great-grandfather, but one of them got a nasty infection when he was a baby, so it had to be removed. This sadly disabled Kilo from flying on his own due to only having one tail.

He doesn’t do much battling since he doesn’t have much training or battle experience. But as long as he has his hover board, the “Freedom Star”, and his Ki-Blaster (both self-made from scratch), he’s battlefield ready!

When he’s not in battle, he’s usually found in his workshop working on new devices or upgrading older ones. However, he tends to go to a secret little meadow in Neo Great Forest to play his father’s guitar when no one else is around or looking (and he’s pretty good with it, too). The only other person who knows about that spot is Ruby Gemstone.

Kilo is close friends with Crystal, Slash, and Ruby, and is friends with Eago the Falcon.

Kilo is the ONLY character related to the Sonic cast! He is Tails’ great-great-grandson.

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Tanookiboy122 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
so that explains the one tail
KairaAethericBeast Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
Looks real cute. X3 Great job. :3
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Tails's Great Great Grandson... =3 interesting
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